Nogizaka46 – Taiyou Knock MV

[NKM48] Nogizaka46 - Taiyou Knock MV.mp4_thumbs_[2015.08.22_20.17.10]

Translator: Ursa
Timer + Karaoke: Sakura
QC: Animeswordmaster
Encoding: Biggz
Karaoke Effect : AegisubEffect@facebook

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Kitahara Rie’s Blog: Thoughts on becoming NGT48’s Captain

Hi guys, Animeswordmaster here. Some of you may have noticed that I’m a Kitarie oshi. She was recently chosen to become the new sister group NGT48’s new captain, and so the following day, she wrote a blog post on her thoughts. I went ahead and translated it for everyone. The blog post is pretty big. If I put a word in brackets [], that’s the more literal translation of the word, but as I do with all of my translations, I value flow above literal translation. I also italicized some parts for emphasis where I could hear her tone in the language. I really felt that this was an authentically genuine and heartfelt blog post. Ironically, I was listening to EXILE at the same time, so the mood somehow was set up perfectly lol. Enjoy!

I’ve Transferred

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