About Us


  • NKM48 stands for Nakama48, which means “comrade” or “best friend” in Japanese.
  • Our official catchphrase is 「仲間が人生の宝物」 or “Best friends are life’s treasures.”
  • We fansub AKB48 Group and Nogizaka46 videos from Japanese to English-speaking audiences for non-profit.
  • Our main project is NHK’s AKB48 SHOW!
  • Our secondary projects are NipponTV’s Konya wa Otomari and TBS’s NogiEigo.
  • Our side projects include music videos and documentaries.
  • Our mission is to bring high quality subtitles to English-speaking audiences in a somewhat timely manner.
  • The NKM staff is very diverse, comprising of members from all over the world.
  • We release on ONLY 4 platforms: our wordpress blog (soft subs), Dailymotion (stream), Aidoru Online! (hard sub torrent), and JPopSuki (hard sub torrent). Please do not re-upload our torrents to other clients without asking first! Softsubs are available for download in all of our releases, except anything considered a special release.
  • We work extremely hard on all of our releases, and we do this for the fandom free of charge.
  • We never ask for any money in return, and we feed off the positive feedback we receive from our fans.
  • We do not mind if you would like to use our subs to translate into another language, but we ask that you let us know and credit us in the release. Nothing feels worse than having your hard work taken away from you without anyone acknowledging your work in it.
  • Founded December 15, 2014


[1st Generation]


  • Founder, Leader, Head Translator, Translation Checker
  • Oshimen: Kitahara Rie (NGT48), Yamada Nana (NMB48, graduated), Oshima Yuko (AKB48, graduated), Nishigata Marina (NGT48), Watanabe Miyuki (NMB48), Iwasa Misaki (AKB48), Uchiyama Natsuki (AKB48), Matsui Rena (SKE, graduated)
  • USA
  • Animeswordmaster is the founder, alongside Hina and Kazu, of NKM48. He started off fansubbing the drama “Gegege no Nyobo” as the QC, and over time, he studied Japanese and went to live in Nagoya, Japan, for half a year in order to improve it to an equivalent of N2 status. He has worked as an English tutor for foreign international students for four years, and he currently studies medicine.
  • Hobbies include listening to Japanese music, watching Japanese television shows (especially music shows), watching anime, watching Japanese and Taiwanese dramas, watching movies, learning about Japanese culture, studying Japanese, watching and playing basketball and American football, traveling, eating, cooking, chatting, and playing video games.
  • Twitter: @jay_kun_sensei


  • Co-Founder, Head Timer/Typesetter
  • Oshimen: Sato Sumire (SKE48), Muto Tomu (AKB48), Akimoto Sayaka (AKB48, graduated), Hirajima Natsumi (AKB48, graduated), Nakanishi Rina (AKB48, graduated)
  • UK
  • One day, Hina thought to herself ‘Wow, I wish someone was subbing AKB48 Show!, there’s some really interesting stuff here that people are missing.’ And mere days later, by complete coincidence, her friend ASM mentioned ‘I’d be interested in subbing this if I could find a team.’ So Hina offered her slow and self-taught timing skills, and NKM48 subs was born.  Reach her on twitter @nagekinohina
  • Hobbies are sleeping, reading anything she can get her hands on, and writing unnecessarily long posts about idols on tumblr.


  • Co-Founder, Part-time Timer
  • Oshimen: Iwata Karen (AKB48)
  • Born in Hong Kong, currently reside in the US.
  • The first time I saw AKB48, it was in person and I have no idea who they are. I didn’t get interested until I watch AKB0048 (the second time). Coming from a seiyuu (Japanese for voice actress) fan background, that’s how I get into this whole mess. Now I bought blu-rays of concert, vote on the SSK (yet the dream did not happen T_T) and get notification whenever Karen tweets. Started out helping NKM by helping QC (so all the errors from the first couple ones are all my fault) and help timed and suggested translations by applying what I learn about fansubbing when I was in college (a long time ago, when I timed by looking at the timer on the video and put it in a text file). Now I just sit here and loiter, offer snarky remarks advice when possible.
  • I buy stuff, anime figures, transformers (1st and 3rd party), CDs, blu-rays, video games, whatever. Also watch sports (like hockey, basketball, both US and Int. football, racing).

[2nd Generation]


  • Translator
  • Oshimen: I’m a DD with ranking… Oshima ‘Pervert Squirrel’ Yuko (AKB48 2nd Gen-Grad), Yamada ‘Suberi Devil’ Nana (NMB48 1st Gen-Grad)… My current Kami 7 goes as
    • #1 Yokoyama ‘Otabe’ Yui
    • #2 Yamamoto ‘Ago-nee’ Sayaka;
    • #3 Kato ‘Beaver’ Yuuka–Kawamoto ‘Potato Princess’ Saya–Mukaichi ‘Loli Queen’ Mion–Yamada ‘Imouto’ Nanami (Team 8-Hyogo ken)
    • #7 Okada ‘Alien’ Nana
  • Indonesia
  • Just a casual fan who got into the fandom because of a certain pervert squirrel’s smile…fall even deeper after read tons of fanfics before finally decided to help spreading the love of 48 Group by joining this sub-team
  • Reading & writing fanfic, reading novels, fooling around with my senpais and kouhais at dojo, day dreaming, playing MMORPG, eating spicy foods–my wildest dream is to have a battle with Matsui Rena /lol


  • Quality Control
  • Oshimen: Ogasawara Mayu (AKB48), Novinta Dhini (JKT48, Graduated)
    Hirari, Shiichan, Chori, Wakachan, Komari, Momoka, Umechan, Ucchii, Rikanyan, Reinyan, Aamin, Yuuri, Anchu
  • Indonesia
  • Hobbies : A big S.S Lazio fans (if you don’t know it they’re football club from Italy),

[3rd Generation]


  • Timer/Typesetter, Translator
  • Oshimen: Matsui Jurina, SKE HakoOshi. OTP: JuriRara
  • Arabian
  • Out of curiosity, I tried to learn subbing looong time ago, surprisingly I fell in love with such a thing and I can’t imagine my life without playing in Aegisub 😀 I like to do other stuff like typesetting in Aegisub. I’m not really good in Japanese but I’m doing my best and I’m working here in order to improve myself. I’m also working with @Girls48Fansub , if you really want to know more about me follow me on Twitter @sakura0chan , I usually talk in Arabic there though.
  • I’m interested in everything about Japan (Anime/Idol/Drama/TVShow..etc), I like watching Youtubers too, I’m also interested in other groups such as Kpop: FTISLAND and Johnny’s: Johnny’s west & Kisumai.


  • Encoder, Partial Translation Checker
  • Oshimen: Kami-oshi Kitahara Rie. Kodama Haruka is my second oshi.  My favorite group is HKT.
  • USA
  • I grew up in Texas, then moved to Arkansas for my senior year of high school. I started watching anime when Voltron came out. My favorite anime was Dragonball Z. Then I moved on to watching other animes. I soon found out that I really like all animes. My kids and I watched Pokemon together when they were younger. Now we watch many different shows.  I became really interested in Japan and Japanese culture. One day I was searching for Japanese news on the internet and I saw an article about a song called Heavy Rotation by a band called AKB48. This was in 2011. Since then I have watched and read any and all shows or articles I can find about the AKB48 group.
  • My hobby is helping my friends here at NKM48 encode the AKBShow. I also like to read science fiction and watch American football.


  • Translator
  • Oshimen: HKT Hako-Oshi, Tani Marika(SKE), Mukaichi Mion(AKB), Kusaka Konomi(NMB), Akimoto Manatsu(Nogizaka46), Yamaguchi Maho(NGT), But really… I’m a DD
  • Singapore
  • Born in Shanghai, raised up in Singapore, that made me trilingual. Studied Aerospace Engineering and used to be an army medic in the armed forces. Got really into AKB at the end of 2014 and got stuck in the fandom. Specifically, this video got me interested in AKB. I’ve watched 10 years of anime to end up with the current proficiency, maybe I should finally get myself tested for JLPT? I hope to one day live in japan but as the current situation goes, it’s going to be hard. Reach me @ursasolaris on twitter.
  • Anime, Dartslive, Nerf, Gaming, watching anything from Yasusu’s production.

[4th Generation]


  • Timer
  • Oshimen: Kami/SKE-Oba Mina, NMB-Jonishi Kei, HKT-Murashige Anna, AKB-Okada Nana, NGT-Nakamura Ayuka, Nogizaka-Shiraishi Mai, Keyakizaka- Imaizumi Yui
  • England
  • I found Shoujiki Shougi on YouTube back in April 2015 and started watching AKB 1ji 59fun through to AKBingo!. After spending a month marathoning all available subbed episodes I was drawn in to the fandom, and haven’t looked back since! I joined the team because I wanted to give back to the subbers, and to help spread AKB to a wider audience. Also a big fan of anime, I watch most genres but Slice-of-life is my current favourite. Outside of Japan-related things, I enjoy basketball and am a big fan of Toronto Raptors, and know more about the world of Harry Potter than is socially acceptable.
  • Hobbies include playing bass and electric guitar, playing basketball, watching anime and Western TV alike and video gaming.

[5th Generation]


  • Quality Control
  • Oshimen: Kashiwagi Yuki, Takayama Kazumi, Matsui Rena, Oshima Yuko
  • Singapore
  • アメイジング!
    Currently studying Japanese before I enter University. I stumbled across this whole AKB thing before realizing that I liked laughing at their variety shows. One thing led to another and here I am, trying to do my part by returning to the community
  • I’m an avid reader. Sometimes I like watching soccer too, but I miss the days when Manchester United used to play good football under the legendary SAF. Oh, and I like to travel solo.


  • Encoder
  • Oshimen: HKT, Nogi and Team 8 oshi though I have some oshis in other groups too!
  • Philippines
  •  I just love the jpop culture. Actually, I’m a fan of Hello! Project before until I got curious with this up and coming rising group back then and got hooked into it. And here I am now with the team dedicated to share the love for the 48 group.
  • I’m a fan of asian culture. I love watching dramas, animes and movies. I also listen to different kinds of music. Surfing the net and playing video games. Oh, I’m also into figure collecting and photography.


  • Encoder
  • Oshimen: Secret 😉
  • Canada
  •  Just a simple hardsubber who wants to give back to the 48G community.


  • Timer
  • Oshimen:
    Kamioshi: Kojima Mako
    Ni-oshi: Tomonaga Mio
    AKB48 Oshis:
    Team A: Yokoyama Yui
    Team K: Mukaichi Mion
    Team B: Kizaki Yuria
    Team 4: Murayama Yuiri
    Team 8: Sakaguchi Nagisa
    HKT Oshis:
    Anai Chihiro, Matsumura Aoi, Yamashita Emiri, NakoMiku
  • Philippines / USA
  • Aside from AKB, I’m a big fan of an underground idol group called Kamen Joshi. I also help subbing their videos and other stuff.  A Former anime/game journalist from a certain gaming website. I was born in the Philippines, went to the US when I was 2. Playing video games and watching anime is probably one of my earliest memories as a child. Loved the japanese culture even then and dreamed of going to Japan when i was in elementary school. Self-studies japanese currently and hopefully will get to study formally soon. Started watching AKB after my first trip to Japan 2013-2014, I wondered why their faces are literally everywhere and why they are popular. Fell in love with them after watching like 3 episodes of AKBingo and hearing their songs.
  • Watching 48G / Kamen Joshi lives, Playing guitar, listening to music, the usual stuff. I do play video games a lot so hit me up if you want to add me on steam or PSN or whatever.
    Also, Helping in translating shows for me to share the AKB love to other people.

[6th Generation]


  • Timer & Typesetter
  • Oshimen:
    – AKB : Kawaei Rina (Kami-oshi), Tanikawa Hijiri
    – SKE : Oba Mina
    – HKT : Sashihara Rino
    – SNH : Tang Min, Yang Yunyu
    – Nogi : Hoshino Minami, Ito Karin, Yoda Yuki
    – Keyaki : Watanabe Risa, Imaizumi Yui, Higashimura Mei
  • Indonesia
  • I was a big fan of K-pop. The first group that I liked was SNSD, until one member left/kicked out, then I started to like Lovelyz. During that time, I liked to play music game on mobile phone, such as SM Superstar and Love Live. Long story short, I felt bored with the music game that I played, so I started to search for another game like that, and I found AKB48 game. Then I started to search for info of the group, and I chose Ricchan as my first oshimen. That’s how I started to like AKB48.
    I like playing games on PC or console, also listening to music. I’ve stopped playing Love Live and AKB48 games on my phone, because my data got erased twice. Now I only play idolm@ster on my phone, but most often I only login to the game.