Update Time!


Hey everyone, Animeswordmaster here. You guys might have seen some changes around the site, and I’m here to break them down for you!

  1. New banner! I made the banner really quickly, so it’s nothing special. However, I thought a nice change of scenery was in order.
  2. Lots of the main menu tabs changed.
    1. Releases were combined into a single tab. We currently have staff working on updating the Master List, so please be patient with us while we get this done. It’s a lot of tedious work!
    2. A Font Pack tab has been added. Many people often request for our fonts, so it is much simpler to just stick a tab in our main menu instead. There are also instructions for how to install fonts for those who don’t know how to.
    3. About Us and Staff have been separated out into two separate tabs. Our Staff page has also been updated with banners and new member profiles! Check them out and get to know your NKM48 staff better!
  3. The side bars have changed. Nothing too significant, but some of the changes include: making our staff application form easier to access, a search bar function, links to our social media, and recent comments.
  4. We’ve been receiving A LOT of spam comments, so comments will have to be moderator approved again. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Hopefully these changes make our site easier to navigate and easier on the eyes!


We’ve received a lot of comments recently about episode streams and old episode re-uploads. Just wanted to update everyone on what we’ve done so far, and what the current status of each topic is.


We offered our streams originally on DailyMotion, but our videos started getting taken down.¬†When this happened for 3 releases in a row, we decided that DM would no longer be a viable option. That being said, SOME of our older episodes are still on DM, so you will have to check that individual episode’s post to see.

Since then, we have tried a number of options.

We are still working on finding a permanent solution, but we just wanted you all to know that we think about this literally EVERY WEEK when we release an episode. We have high hopes that Biyori will be a permanent solution for us, so we are beginning to upload our episodes there. Please let us know of any problems via the Contact Us tab!

Old Episodes:

We WERE uploading older episodes to DailyMotion, but as we’ve mentioned above, it’s no longer a viable option. Therefore, we will likely begin to put these episodes on JPS, as it has been shown to be reliable for a number of years. Since JPS does not allow batch torrents, we will also likely do a batch torrent on A!O.¬†However, this does also take time, so we ask for your patience during this process.

New Staff Opening!

After some discussion, we’ve decided to hire a Public Relations (PR) staff member! More details to follow later this week!


Thanks for always watching NKM48 subs and for supporting us!


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