48TALK! Guest Appearance by NKM48!


Hey guys! Animeswordmaster here~

Just to give you guys a quick update:

  1. We’re working on Keyakizaka46 SHOW! and plan to have it released by the end of the week.
  2. Next week is NGT48 SHOW!, so expect that one to be released fairly quickly!

In addition, I joined in on the awesome podcast 48TALK! for this week’s episode. As some of you may know, Makarin appeared on an episode a while ago, so see his post about the group here: 48Talk!

These guys are a bunch of fun, and we got to talk about some REALLY interesting topics in this episode. I’m grateful for the opportunity to appear on their show and fanboy about NGT48, so be sure to check out their weekly show on their Youtube channel! Make sure to tell them that NKM48 sent ya! As always, we welcome anyone willing to pitch in some help! You can e-mail us at nkm48subs@gmail.com or click the link on the right sidebar on our home page!

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