AKBINGO! ep 377 (720p + 1080p) + Release Format Announcement

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Translation: Animeswordmaster
Timing: Makarin, Rentan
QC: Animeswordmaster, Yonsei
Encode: TNT48 (1080p) + Biggz (720p)

So due to all of the complaints we’ve received, we decided to re-release this again. This 720p should be normal, and additionally, we’re releasing a 1080p version as well. Meanwhile, we are working on ep 378.



Due to all of the recent requests and complaints against our release format (softsubs on mediafire, hardsubs on H!O, special releases as hardsubs on H!O only), there was a staff vote to implement a direct download service such as Google Drive or not. The staff all unanimously voted AGAINST hosting direct downloads, especially for special releases such as AKBINGO!. However, for special releases, we will begin releasing its 1080p version alongside the 720p version.

We will continue to release our subtitles as the following:

AKB48 SHOW! – Softsubs on mediafire, Hardsubbed 720p on H!O

Special Releases (anything NOT AKB48 SHOW!, such as MVs, AKBINGO, etc.) – Hardsubbed 720p on H!O, Hardsubbed 1080p on H!O

We are sorry if you do not have access or have too low a ratio to download on H!O, but instead of only leeching, we suggest you to give back to the community and seed. Your peers (and ratio) will thank you for it. If you do not have access because it is banned in your country, we recommend using a VPN or proxy. We will NOT stream our releases, but if another entity chooses to stream for everyone, then we are okay with it as long as we are properly credited (no removal of watermark or credits within video file, must post staff who worked on release).

We simply do not have the resources (monetary, manpower) to implement a direct download service at this moment. Therefore, PLEASE STOP commenting/e-mailing us with complaints.

Thanks for reading! Here are the re-releases~

720p: Hello!Online

1080p: Hello!Online

We are still looking for staff, especially translators! Apply here!


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