AKBINGO! ep 377

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Translation: Animeswordmaster
Timing: Makarin, Rentan
QC: Animeswordmaster, Yonsei
Encode: Yonsei

Animeswordmaster here~ Yayy!! Special release this time! But don’t worry, AKB Show is coming soon! We’ve been shorthanded recently >< This is sort of a selfish project since I sort of dragged some of the staff into this, but working on 50+ episodes of the same show can get a little tedious at times, so it’s nice to change things up. This episode was especially fun to work on, so I hope y’all enjoy it too!

Here’s Episode 377 of AKBINGO! It’s a Valentine’s two-part special featuring moe battles between members of every sister group! We’ll also be doing ep 378 too!

The judges this year are absolutely HILARIOUS, and the girls come up with REALLY good responses! I’ll fanboy more about this episode later, but without further ado, here are the links!

HD: Hello!Online
Softsubs (It’s a special release, so no soft subs. Sorry!)

Check out our tentative schedule for future releases! https://nkm48.wordpress.com/nkm48-subs-tentative-schedule/. We LOVE reading your comments, so keep them coming! They help us get through the tough parts of our job! Thanks!

We are still looking for staff, especially translators! Apply here!


16 thoughts on “AKBINGO! ep 377

  1. nessa February 13, 2016 / 8:07 pm

    will you sub lucky girl rank 2016 too?


    • nkm48subs February 13, 2016 / 8:37 pm

      We are currently busy with a backlog, but if it is not subbed by the time we’re done, then we’ll do it.


  2. AwanK February 13, 2016 / 11:44 pm

    Thanks for making subtitle for this episode…
    How about subtitle for another episode of “AKB48 SHOW!”…


    • nkm48subs February 13, 2016 / 11:51 pm

      Please read the whole post. The rest are on the way 🙂


  3. Abdurrahman Fikron February 14, 2016 / 4:45 am

    Awesome… It’s really eps for fanboys… but can you use mediafire to download link??,, I’m not able to download of H!O because it’s difficult…


    • nkm48subs February 14, 2016 / 4:53 am

      Sorry, no soft sub for Ducati l special releases.


      • Abdurrahman Fikron February 14, 2016 / 5:02 am

        Sorry… I mean hardsub in Mediafire or another of H!O


      • nkm48subs February 14, 2016 / 11:35 pm

        Sorry, we don’t really release in any other format. However, if you e-mail us, we can send you the file itself.


  4. gx240 February 15, 2016 / 12:21 am

    Would you guys please consider releasing a 30 fps version, since there’s no softsubs? I can’t watch motion interpolated fake 60 fps without my eyes melting out of my head.


    • nkm48subs February 15, 2016 / 12:31 am

      We are thinking of releasing the 1080p version soon.


      • Leah C. February 15, 2016 / 9:26 am

        Oh please do! Downloaded the TS version and was waiting for softsubs.


  5. SKY February 15, 2016 / 12:46 pm

    Thanks for the subs. Really grateful🙂


  6. jksm February 18, 2016 / 5:04 am

    will wait for others to post the soft subs


    • nkm48subs February 18, 2016 / 11:26 am

      No one will post soft subs, unless it is unofficial and not backed by us. In that case, we will ask for immediate removal. If that request isn’t honored, then we will no longer release subtitles for that show.


  7. LeonSL February 24, 2016 / 10:12 am

    thanks for the sub and please keep up the good work,
    not many Akbingo sub been released recently and it a really great show.


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