AKB48 SHOW! ep68

Translator: Skyle, Animeswordmaster
Timer: Hina
Typesetting: Hina
QC: galamarv
Encoding: Biggz
Lyrics: Studio48, Skyle, Animeswordaster

Quick update. A lot of staff members are getting busy (several of us have exams, others personal issues), so some releases will be slow for the next month or so. We apologize ahead of time, but we’ll catch up afterwards!

Here is episode 68 of AKB48SHOW! This one features an interesting skit with Kanon and Ego to start off, a performance of “Coke Tissue” (it seriously sounds like that’s what they say!), a continuation of the “We Can’t Lose to Tokyo!” series, coverage on the Spring Reshuffle, a Takamina x Sayaya talk, and a beautiful tribute to Nana (ASM’s NMB kami oshimen) to wrap this episode up. Enjoy!

A LOT of work went into these releases, so seriously, please contact us before re-translating into another language! Thanks! Enjoy~

Check out our tentative schedule for future releases! We LOVE reading your comments, so keep them coming! They help us get through the tough parts of our job! Thanks!

As you can see, we release late, but that’s because we don’t have YOUR help! We have a very small staff, so if you would like to help out, especially with TRANSLATING, please contact us via our e-mail at nkm48subs@gmail.com or shoot us a message on our forum or via H!O.

Hardsub: HD



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