Hey guys! Animeswordmaster (ASM for short) here!  Just wanted to give a quick update on things here. On a side note, I update the Tentative Schedule quite often, so if you want to know where we are on each episode, check it out here.

I want to make our mission here at NKM48 clear. We focus on subbing AKB48SHOW! with its other special episodes like NMB, HKT, SKE, Nogi, NGT, and maybe JKT and SNH in the future to produce quality subs at a reasonable time. This means that we will ALWAYS sub episodes like NMB48SHOW! (ep69), HKT48SHOW!, SKE48SHOW!, and Nogizaka46SHOW!. Whenever episodes are ready on the Internet, we get a hold of them literally within two hours and begin working on them, so if you or another sub group is planning on subbing any of these episodes, please reconsider as we don’t want to waste anyone else’s time.

Yes, we are/have been behind on our releases, but our staff consists of the following: Translators: Me + Skyle, Timers/Typesetters (Yes they do both): Hina + Sakura, QCers: Galamarv + Kazu, Encoder: Biggz. That’s a total of 7 people, and really, the heavy lifting gets tossed back and forth between 3 people usually (take a guess at who!)


As you can see, we pushed out 4 releases over a week and a half. That’s a lot! NKM consists of a pretty small team, but we’re ALWAYS working on something. I sometimes feel badly for the team because of how much I push them. However, we all enjoy spreading the 48 Group love. That being said, all of us are students/have real jobs, so we can only work on our releases in our free time. We don’t get paid for anything, don’t ask for donations, and are volunteers, so please forgive us if we have to take time to deal with real world stuff, especially if it’s 1 of the 3 heavy lifters in the group.


We love reading your comments on our releases because it keeps us going, so keep them coming, even if it’s just to say thank you! Don’t forget that we’re people too! We like to talk lol. I’ll also be updating the Staff section of this site, so that y’all can get a better idea of who we are.

We’re currently working on finishing up ep 67, so that should be out within the next few days. It was released in the middle of the week a while ago, and like I said, we mostly work on our own free time. That doesn’t work out with random releases in the middle of a work/school week. Plus, the episode didn’t have an original Japanese script for it, so we had to time, typeset, and translate by ear from scratch. ALL THEATER EPISODES ALSO DO NOT HAVE A SCRIPT (like ep 69), so naturally, it will take longer for us to release those episodes. Ep 68 is almost out of the primary translation stage. It was hard for us to sub this episode because I’m a huge Nana-oshi, and translating her segment broke my heart. Ep 69 is in primary timing/typesetting. THIS IS A THEATER EPISODE, which means yes, we are doing everything from scratch. Therefore, it will take a little longer than usual unless I decide to pull an all-nighter just to translate. Not a good idea, but I’ll do it if push comes to shove. Eps 43, 44, and 49 are all stuck at me lol. Sakura and I have been working on a few surprise side releases, so you can at least look forward to those!


Finally, we’re always looking for new staff to help out, so if you think you can help out in any way, just contact us! I’m the one who replies to all of our comments and mail, and I’m pretty prompt about it. We are most in need of another translator because I can’t keep giving up my study time to sub. I’m sorry, but medical school takes priority. This means that skyle has recently been doing the bulk of translating, and that’s not fair to him. We are also open to collaborating with other sub groups, so if you’d like to work with us on any particular episode, let us know!

Thanks for reading this~








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