AKB48 SHOW! ep65


Translator: skyle, Animeswordmaster
Timer: Hina
Typesetting: Hina
QC: galamarv
Encoding: Biggz
Lyrics: Studio48, skyle

Catching up at the speed of light! Or not… NO. This is NOT an April Fool’s release. This is an ACTUAL release that happened to land on April 1 lol. In other words, let’s welcome two new members to the NKM48 crew! Sakura will be our new typesetter/timer for us to help take some strain off of Hina, and Biggz will be our new encoder! Ep 66 + 67 should be coming out soon!

Here is episode 65 of AKB48SHOW! This one is really hilarious with its opening skit (Yukirin is really adorable here) and the Yokoyama x Kawaei skit. This episode also features a Naachan x Takamina lecture, a rerun of Green Flash (yeah, we’re perplexed by this as well), and performances of Candy and Hakimoto to Kasa no Monogatari (which is really sad).

A LOT of work went into these episode, so seriously, please contact us before re-translating into another language! Thanks! Enjoy~

Check out our tentative schedule for future releases!

If you would like to help out, especially with TRANSLATING, please contact us via our e-mail atnkm48subs@gmail.com or shoot us a message on our forum or via H!O.

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