AKB48 SHOW! ep64


Translator: skyle, Animeswordmaster
Timer: Hina
Typesetting: Hina
QC: galamarv
Lyrics: Studio48, skyle

Aaanndddd we’re back! We have a bit of a backlog but are getting through it. Some staff have been busy with real life issues, so there’s been a bit of stalling on our end (mostly Animeswordmaster’s, which he deeply apologizes for. Med school has been rough on him recently). With that, we’d like to announce our new WordPress website https://nkm48.wordpress.com/! It’s cleaner than the forums, but we’ll always release on the forum first, then on the WP, then on H!O.

Here is episode 64 of AKB48SHOW! This one features Green Flash, a hilarious Cinderella skit featuring Mion, some Disaster Recovery Reports, a Takamina lecture with Miki, and a special performance of Koi Yori mo Dream!

A LOT of work went into these episode, so seriously, please contact us before re-translating into another language! Thanks! Enjoy~

Check out our tentative schedule for future releases!

If you would like to help out, especially with ENCODING (experience required), TYPESETTING (experience required), or TRANSLATING, please contact us via our e-mail at nkm48subs@gmail.com or shoot us a message on our forum or via H!O.

Hardsub HD SD



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