AKB48 SHOW! ep63


Translator: Animeswordmaster
Timer: Hina
Typesetting: Hina
QC: galamarv, kazu, Animeswordmaster
Lyrics: Studio48, Animeswordmaster

A little late, but DOUBLE RELEASE! YAY~!!! Almost 20 hours worth of translating went into these two releases, most of it done by Animeswordmaster [ASM: 11 hours just for ep 63. This episode is my baby ><] However, as always, we are looking for new staff, so shoot us a message if you think you can help out!

Here is episode 63 of AKB48SHOW! This one features our FIRST LOOK AT REQUEST HOUR & coverage of the Seijin Shiki, or Coming-of-Age Ceremony. We’d like to take a minute to acknowledge Hina, Animeswordmaster, and galamarv as this episode was VERY VERY detailed. There’s almost no second wasted in this episode without some sort of translation going on. A LOT of work went into this episode, so seriously, Please contact us before re-translating into another language! Thanks! Enjoy~

Check out our tentative schedule for future releases!

Next week is an encore episode of Milky Show!, so you can visit Teppen for their subs! Team B WILL be retranslating eps 62 AND 63 into Bahasa Indonesian, so look forward to that! Meanwhile, I think we earned a break, so see y’all in two weeks!





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