Welcome to NKM48!


Now announcing the launching of our WordPress site! We will be announcing our releases here, as well as at our forum! Our uploads will always go to the forum first, then H!O, and then here for the official release post.

So why come here?

Well, here we will basically offer a cleaner page to look at, as well as a compilation of our Master List and our Tentative Schedule. If we are missing any episodes, please let us know! We have a nifty Contact Us page, so feel free to use that!

If you would like to use our subs to re-translate to your own language, we ask that you first contact us. 

Because all of us are cheap/broke, we can’t afford our own site/domain, but we felt this would be better than nothing! ALL OF US ARE VOLUNTEERS. NO ONE MAKES ANY MONEY FROM OUR SUBS (though we wish). We are strictly non-profit and are in no way trying to get into any copyright trouble.


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